3 out of every 4 females might have the V-symptoms^ and possibly becoming a lifetime issue. Clean and good V-health could put you on ease from the V-problems caused,especially during times such as puberty, intimate moments & pregnancy. However, once there is V-symptom, the problems may not only interrupt your daily routine or ruin some special moments temporarily, the situation could be recurrent.
Unfavorable Acidic Balance of pH value
The pH value of 3.8 – 4.5 in the sensitive area provides an essential prophylactic protection against the bad bacteria. However, due to certain personal and environmental factors such as heavy workloads, consistent pressures, humid weather, poor public hygiene, etc., the normal pH value could not be maintained and cause disruptions to the micro-organism balance. It stimulates the growth of bad bacteria and hence, causing the V-symptoms.

The University of Hong Kong discovered that more than 70% of V-symptoms cases were caused by Bacti-E, after conducting a research with 592 females.Bacti-E attaches to the inner V-area and causes discomfort for most females.
Bacti-C is a diploid fungus that is causal agent of opportunisticoral and genital infections in humans. Humid and damp environment stimulate the most yield of this fungus. If the yield is massive, the V-symptoms will be caused.

*Wei Liu , Xu Zhang, et al. (2011), Impact of pH on the antifungal susceptibility , International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 114 (2011), pp 278–280 ^ section, Apple Daily, 27th May, 2009